Pretty Sneaky Sis!

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if you share the same generational DNA as me this is what you would have said, first in your head and then out loud, for your friend to giggle at after noticing a couple fellow tea drinkers playing Connect Four at the table next to us.


books aloud

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now while i haven’t had the pleasure of having someone read out loud to me in a very long time…i am currently enjoying my books on cd. i have often “rented” from the library audio books for long trips or just cause i am sick of listening to the radio but they always tend to be humorous and light. my faves for travel : any recordings from the NPR “this american life” series. hilarious. a bit ago i decided to try my hand (or is it ear) at an unabridged novel. my first choice? harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone. brilliant. sometimes i actually sit in the driveway waiting for a chapter to end before turning off the car and going inside the house. i’ve read all the books and have been wanting to refresh my memory and let me tell you….i absolutely LOVE listening to them being read to me. it adds a whole other dimension. jim dale, who performs all of the books in the series is fantastic. like i was when i read the books for the first time….i can’t wait to hear books 2-7.




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i realized the other day that my parents don’t really have any hobbies. at least none that i know of.  they have a couple friends (next door neighbors) that they do things with and that makes me feel better but ,seriously, i don’t know what they do in their free time, other than drop not so subtle hints about me moving back home to mass. they are hoping to retire soon. they are selling the family business. no i am not taking it over. it was offered, not exactly expected, but definately hoped upon.  i know that it has been a real unspoken difficulty between us. so my mind wanders to what they will do when they don’t work anymore? i know i surprisingly don’t have anything really cool to fill my time with. not like i thought, anyways but that’s my own hang up. maybe they have grand plans. grand plans to do all of the things they never could do while working and raising a family. i know they are planning to spend alot of time in greece. they recently bought a house on the island of samos, where my father is from.  but while the cool factor of splitting your time in another country is high – still – what do you do when you have no hobbies? they don’t fish, or garden. they don’t paint or take pictures. they don’t collect anything. they don’t throw house parties. they don’t run or bike. they don’t do much of anything like that. they are just my parents. i wonder what they do. when i ask what they’ll do they always say “we’ll see.” perhaps that is the best answer ever. it works in most situations. i find myself answering that way whenever anyone asks what my plans are for work when i can’t afford to not work anymore. yup, what they said….”we’ll see.”


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“How can I escape my fate?”

 “You must choose your destiny.”

My weekend recap whilst hopped up on #31

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ok, i am wanting to rant and rave about the whirlwind weekend  with Tribalation but i am feeling the repercussions of drinking a jumbotronic pot of Dragonwell Tea at Townshend’s Tea Company from, like, 4 hours ago. i regret nothing. every last drop was scrumptious. mmmm tea.

where was i?

oh yes, workshops and dance and hafla and cheese and hobo scrambles and swords and the laughing and the fun having and coin slots and striped socks not too mention the good old fashioned friend to friend, dancer to dancer talks.

while my m.c-ing skills were put to the test (the verdict is still out)….the vibe at the showcase was right on. the talent was exceptional and the crowd appreciative. soup to nuts – a dance party – i was proud to be a part of.

now, i’ve touched on this before but it bears repeating…i personally feel amazed that i have managed to connect with such amazingly talented and creative people through this “little world of dance”. you ALL keep my fire fueled.

dance would not hold nearly as high of a place if i couldn’t share it with friends….and without friends who would laugh at my cheesey innuendos?  and i have lots of cheesey goodness to spread on the “shellacker” of life.

gushing aside, thanks to all the dancers who traveled out of their comfort zones to weather the weather in order to hang with us in bend-over, oregon. we love ya for it.

this gypsyfirechicklet is over and out

p.s. if i can focus on any more details i will post them. i promise.

Bellydance Workshops and Hafla this Saturday in Bend, OR

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Still spots left for workshops….then Saturday night come enjoy the show! see below for details

This Saturday March 29th come on down to Sons of Norway
Hall, 549 NW Harmon, for a Hafla, with performances by local dancers and featuring Sabine,
and her troupe, Tribalation!  Hafla begins 7:00 pm, doors open 6:30.  $3-5 suggested donation. This show is family friendly and a great chance to see and support the talent in your community.

Contact Quinn to register for workshops, reserve a
sword, and to sign up for a performance slot in the
Hafla (limited slots available, and preference given
to workshop participants).  (541)420-5416 or

 Gypsy Fire Bellydance is honored to be hosting Sabine,
a “Mistress of the Blade” , and her troupe
Tribalation! in workshops and performance, Saturday,
March 29, 2008!
Does the “danger” and drama of sword dance intrigue
Learn from a master the essentials, or hone your
skills in 2 workshops:
“Liquid Isolations and the Essence of Sword Dance”
For beginners to advanced dancers.  Distilled sword
dance technique:  instruction in extending hip, arm,
and belly isolations and making them look
ever-so-smooth-and-gooey while balancing a sword on
the head.  We’ll practice sword hold techniques,
dramatic presentation, and block a slow, sensual sword
dance.  Bring a head wrap (preferably cotton) and a
sword.  2 hours. 

“Dangerous Sword Dancing”  1 pm-3pm
Intermediate and advanced sword work and presentation.
Learn moves that take your sword dance from so-so to
stunning:  sword manipulation, strong isolations,
uncanny reverse energy moves, working multiple balance
points, traveling moves, powerful floorwork, and
original moves and combos like The Slice, and Sabine’s
Guillotine!  Bring kneepads, cotton headwrap, towel or
yoga mat,  and sword.  2 hours.

These workshops will be progressive, so you can take
both for a true sword “intensive”! 
There are some swords available to loan, please
contact Quinn at to
reserve yours!  (Limited number available, act

Saturday, March 29:  “Liquid Isolations”  10am-12pm,
and “Dangerous” 1pm-3pm.

Workshop costs: $30/each or $55/both,  at the door.
Location:  Terpsichorean Dance Studio  1601 NW Newport

About Sabine:
Sabine is a dance artist who has studied Middle
Eastern Dance since 1988, and has been performing
tribal style belly dance since 1999. She honors the
roots of Tribal Belly dance in her classes, with
troupe Tribalation! and with student troupe Sister
Sabine is a master of “Raks al Sayf,” the sword dance,
where the grace and flow of the dance movements are
contrasted by the dangerous sharpness of the huge
Turkish Scimitars that she balances. Sabine has taught
her own special brand of “Dangerous Sword Dancing” in
workshops and festivals all over the Northwest. Sabine
brings a strong and unique presence to the stage. Her
dancing has been called “powerful”, “mesmerizing”, and
For more info about Sabine and Tribalation!

dishpan hands or you’re soaking in it

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so the only time we ever deep clean the house is when company is coming to stay. feel guilty subjecting them to the level of central oregon dust that we have grown accustomed to. so for the last couple of days i’ve been getting the spare room ready  – how did i ever accumulate so much crap. been finishing old painting projects like all the interior doors and started but refused to finish the bathroom paint job. i managed to get both coats of primer but decided to wait until next week to finish. today was the final push to scrub floors, deoderize and clean carpets , refresh linens, and declutter all horizontal surfaces by strategically transferring items to another spot and essentially turning our sunroom into a giant closet. hey that’s a project for another day. i’m  finally done and the house looks great. the kicker is i just got an email from my friend and she broke her tailbone snowboarding and doesn’t wanna risk the uncomfortable 5 hour drive and since they haven’t invented an ass cast yet she’s s.o.l. …so there ya have it. the universe played a clever early april fools joke on me. so the question now is, who and when will our next house guest be coming cause i ain’t doing it again until then. :O)