Who and the Whats?



*gypsy fire chicklet* A.K.A. *lexi hiou* welcomes you to her blog, lovingly titled  – PICKLE JUICE – after a favorite children’s book…she hopes that you will tune in to the regularly scheduled jibber jabber. *noting that her east-coaster sass has blended smoothly with the west-coaster mellow.

ok, enough of the 3rd person hoohah. i graduated from RISD but up until recently worked with homeless/runaway teens in Bend, OR – who would’ve thought. currently i find myself on “sabbatical” if you will…i still have fantastical visions of my so called life as an artist…here is a sampler platter of ramblings on what helps make me…well…me.

it’s not soup to nuts but it’ll do…photography, art, creativity, tribal bellydancing, movies, my pets, breakfast/lunch/& dinner with friends, mst3000, ethnic food, laughing out loud, rally, tattoos, kung-fu movies, naps, freeze-pops, pool, hackin’, sprees, sweetarts, jujyfruits, dressing up our dog, frisbee, floatin’ down the river, winking, talking loud, wishing on stars, lemon sorbet, giving gifts, cold water on a hot day, coca~cola, makin’ stuff and occasionally breakin’ stuff, thunder storms, hot tea, iced tea, sun tea, Mr.T, walkie-talkies, fatty-cakes, jimmies, super sub’s cheese steaks, nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say no more, know-what-i-mean?


One Response to “Who and the Whats?”

  1. Dear Pickle Girl,

    We think you are cool, and we want to invite you to the bendblogger girl lunch club. We just started it for ourselves because we love each other and we love ourselves and we like to hangout with other funny girls. So, we’re getting together on Monday, St. Patrick’s Day for some lucky lunch. Email me and tell you when and where. There are 9 of us now, I think, which makes us a crowd.

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