Waking and Sleeping

late last night i read this passage….

“if Zen were to talk about sin(it doesn’t much), it might isolate boredom as the cardinal sin in life. There is so much in the created order, in the nature of things, to make you become vibrantly and radiantly alive – and your’re bored?”

…so many thoughts concerning this simple statement, especially after feeling that my bouts of boredom have helped “awaken” me, if you will, with a creative spark long since in remission. I have been reading much on religion and philosophy lately. just because. i wonder.

this weekend, while tucked cozily away on retreat at Breitenbush, i will pose this question to myself numerous times and see where the “nature of things” leads me. just because. i wonder.

“May i never find myself yawning at life.” – prayer by Toyohiko Kagawa



~ by gypsyfirechicklet on April 23, 2008.

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