Actually Feeling Inspired

go figure. not to write of course but i am hoping to change that. i am feeling creative. to make art. to dance. aaah, art. the elusive creative juices are flowing once again. and i don’t mean that in a dirty way. although normally my mind would wander down that path first – aw hell who am i kidding – my mind has a summer home there and it likes to kick up it’s heels have a cold one on the stoop and wait for the passing double entendres. but wait, i am rambling. i have been photographing again. i love it. i always wonder why i put my camera down in the first place but then i realize that i am lazy. and so the cycle repeats. but not right now. i am planning on grabbing this wave and riding it in to shore and then kicking back out to catch the next one. i have convinced a few muses to hang out with me. it’s true. i wonder if i have this renewed sense of creativity because of spring and all that “rebirth” jazz or if it is because i have imposed upon myself the wonderful rehabilitative properties of boredom. yup, plain old mind echoing/ thumb twiddling boredom. weeks upon weeks of believing that if i actually leave the house it’s a successful day. i accomplished something. now it’s not to say i haven’t been doing things….just not things that in my “working” life or in any normal adult or teen or preteen or, hell, even todays 5 year olds would have time to schedule into a typical day.  dare i say –  refreshing? yup like a giant pitcher of fresh brewed ice tea or an ice filled glass of cold water on a hot day or that first sip of a fountain coca~cola. aaaah. indeed, i do believe i needed to drink of that simple recipe. doing nothing has inspired me to do something and just to be sure that this isn’t a flimflam or some cheap restorative tonic i’m gonna test my theory for a couple more months…i’ll get back to you….no really, i will. after i check out that cloud floating overhead. 


~ by gypsyfirechicklet on April 23, 2008.

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