i realized the other day that my parents don’t really have any hobbies. at least none that i know of.  they have a couple friends (next door neighbors) that they do things with and that makes me feel better but ,seriously, i don’t know what they do in their free time, other than drop not so subtle hints about me moving back home to mass. they are hoping to retire soon. they are selling the family business. no i am not taking it over. it was offered, not exactly expected, but definately hoped upon.  i know that it has been a real unspoken difficulty between us. so my mind wanders to what they will do when they don’t work anymore? i know i surprisingly don’t have anything really cool to fill my time with. not like i thought, anyways but that’s my own hang up. maybe they have grand plans. grand plans to do all of the things they never could do while working and raising a family. i know they are planning to spend alot of time in greece. they recently bought a house on the island of samos, where my father is from.  but while the cool factor of splitting your time in another country is high – still – what do you do when you have no hobbies? they don’t fish, or garden. they don’t paint or take pictures. they don’t collect anything. they don’t throw house parties. they don’t run or bike. they don’t do much of anything like that. they are just my parents. i wonder what they do. when i ask what they’ll do they always say “we’ll see.” perhaps that is the best answer ever. it works in most situations. i find myself answering that way whenever anyone asks what my plans are for work when i can’t afford to not work anymore. yup, what they said….”we’ll see.”


~ by gypsyfirechicklet on April 8, 2008.

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