books aloud

now while i haven’t had the pleasure of having someone read out loud to me in a very long time…i am currently enjoying my books on cd. i have often “rented” from the library audio books for long trips or just cause i am sick of listening to the radio but they always tend to be humorous and light. my faves for travel : any recordings from the NPR “this american life” series. hilarious. a bit ago i decided to try my hand (or is it ear) at an unabridged novel. my first choice? harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone. brilliant. sometimes i actually sit in the driveway waiting for a chapter to end before turning off the car and going inside the house. i’ve read all the books and have been wanting to refresh my memory and let me tell you….i absolutely LOVE listening to them being read to me. it adds a whole other dimension. jim dale, who performs all of the books in the series is fantastic. like i was when i read the books for the first time….i can’t wait to hear books 2-7.




~ by gypsyfirechicklet on April 8, 2008.

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