My weekend recap whilst hopped up on #31

ok, i am wanting to rant and rave about the whirlwind weekend  with Tribalation but i am feeling the repercussions of drinking a jumbotronic pot of Dragonwell Tea at Townshend’s Tea Company from, like, 4 hours ago. i regret nothing. every last drop was scrumptious. mmmm tea.

where was i?

oh yes, workshops and dance and hafla and cheese and hobo scrambles and swords and the laughing and the fun having and coin slots and striped socks not too mention the good old fashioned friend to friend, dancer to dancer talks.

while my m.c-ing skills were put to the test (the verdict is still out)….the vibe at the showcase was right on. the talent was exceptional and the crowd appreciative. soup to nuts – a dance party – i was proud to be a part of.

now, i’ve touched on this before but it bears repeating…i personally feel amazed that i have managed to connect with such amazingly talented and creative people through this “little world of dance”. you ALL keep my fire fueled.

dance would not hold nearly as high of a place if i couldn’t share it with friends….and without friends who would laugh at my cheesey innuendos?  and i have lots of cheesey goodness to spread on the “shellacker” of life.

gushing aside, thanks to all the dancers who traveled out of their comfort zones to weather the weather in order to hang with us in bend-over, oregon. we love ya for it.

this gypsyfirechicklet is over and out

p.s. if i can focus on any more details i will post them. i promise.


~ by gypsyfirechicklet on April 1, 2008.

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