dishpan hands or you’re soaking in it

so the only time we ever deep clean the house is when company is coming to stay. feel guilty subjecting them to the level of central oregon dust that we have grown accustomed to. so for the last couple of days i’ve been getting the spare room ready  – how did i ever accumulate so much crap. been finishing old painting projects like all the interior doors and started but refused to finish the bathroom paint job. i managed to get both coats of primer but decided to wait until next week to finish. today was the final push to scrub floors, deoderize and clean carpets , refresh linens, and declutter all horizontal surfaces by strategically transferring items to another spot and essentially turning our sunroom into a giant closet. hey that’s a project for another day. i’m  finally done and the house looks great. the kicker is i just got an email from my friend and she broke her tailbone snowboarding and doesn’t wanna risk the uncomfortable 5 hour drive and since they haven’t invented an ass cast yet she’s s.o.l. …so there ya have it. the universe played a clever early april fools joke on me. so the question now is, who and when will our next house guest be coming cause i ain’t doing it again until then. :O)


~ by gypsyfirechicklet on March 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “dishpan hands or you’re soaking in it”

  1. I hear ya, sister – about getting used to the central oregon dust, about accumulating crap, and about not cleaning until someone gives you a damn good reason to. I have to admit, it does feel good to have it done, even if I’m the only one going to enjoy it.

  2. it’s true, it does feel good to have the place , as my mom would say, presentable, but i don’t want to really admit it. :O)

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