i never went easter egg hunting


seriously, as a kid, i never went on an easter egg hunt. we just never did that. most of my friends in school did but it wasn’t part of our easter rituals. i discussed this oddity the other day with a friend and it came up again this afternoon while i was talking with a different friend.  she asked how my easter was…i said my easter hasn’t happened yet. it’s not until april 27th (eastern orthodox easter a.k.a. greek easter). so we discussed different ways we “greeks” do things vs. the “american easter” .  that is what my parents always called non greek easter – american easter. i refer to it that way as well. lol. but that’s besides the point my point was that i never did easter egg hunts growing up. i don’t know exactly why. my friends find it weird. yet, it never occured to me that such a little admission would garner such disbelief. hmmm, i think i’ll ask my mom, “why?”


~ by gypsyfirechicklet on March 25, 2008.

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