College Sleepy Time

i just sort of realized that i have changed my sleep schedule again. it is back on college time. stay up easily til 3-4am…sleep easily til noon. crash anytime in between. i’m not cramming to finish a project or struggling to make sense of my work. although i probably could finish cleaning out the spare bedroom before company shows up on friday -i got bored and stopped. so here i am, just awake. it’s 2 am. there’s nothing much i have to do during the day – so i just do what i want. i like it. makes it hard to want to go back to full time work. nothing much i have to do in the evenings – so i just do what i want. i like that too. yet, sometimes i get a nagging sensation that i should fill my time constructively; read books, clean the house, walk the dog, actually leave the house. i’m not complaining just find it interesting. today we took the dog out for a nearly 3 hour stroll in the desert. it was beautiful out and we came home satisfied that we had spent one of the first days of spring properly. i’ve been puttering around the house since. not finding anything to hold my attention for very long. which under normal circumstances would create the same effect sunbeams through windows have on cats – instant nappy time. not today. today/tonight i am awake.  don’t feel like reading, don’t feel like cleaning, don’t feel like zoning out in front of the tv, don’t feel like surfing online, that’s why i am writing this….trying to keep busy or more precisely trying to poop out my brain so i will yawn a bit and think sleepy thoughts about a comfy bed and fluffly pillow. hum. i think i will try a crossword puzzle next. what’s a 4 letter word for “Drifts off” ?………..


~ by gypsyfirechicklet on March 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “College Sleepy Time”

  1. hello..

  2. I know your angst. I feel this whenever I’m between jobs. “Why can’t I enjoy my time off? Just relax?” I think we are programmed to have goals and need accomplishment. That’s why I did art when I was home with little kids. Needed something fun and engaging to work on and finish. So I painted designs with thousands of dots on old suitcases with puff paint. It worked for me, and I even sold one of them to a movie star once, which some how validated the process. You will find your own dots, I think.

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