Tom Tom

No not the drum, no not the Club, and sorry not the old defunct diner on hwy 97 . The Tom Tom I speak of is the little 4.3″ touch screen car navigational wonder toy. For the last week I have all but lost my boyfriend to the greater pursuit of customizing his unit. His GPS unit, that is. For those of you in the know, are probably sitting there going, “F*ck yea, is the Bomb” while the rest of you are probably with me playing the , “Yes, dear that’s very cool.” card. He has downloaded and uploaded more software for his “precious” than I thought possible. Now to be fair, I do find it kinda cool that instead of the boring arrow that helps direct you to your destination he has a custom mini version of his actual truck and could customize with anything ie: christmas tree, tron cycle, superman etc. You get the picture. He has also downloaded GoogleEarth overlays to the street maps – just in case – and really isn’t always better to be safe than sorry? There are more options, but i’ll stop here. He brings it in after every outing, plugs it in to the computer and ups it’s magical powers. Sometimes smoke and rumbling spew from the computer room. Sometimes rainbows and unicorns come prancing out triumphantly. All this from the only guy I know without a cell phone…other than my dad. Now if we could just get Sean Connery’s voice informing us that we have, “Reached our destination.” all will be good with the world.


~ by gypsyfirechicklet on March 15, 2008.

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