i’m afraid it’s happened


well i might have always suspected it. the thought that the gene was lying dormant within. the guys all talked about it whenever they got a chance…still do….every topic will come back to this one fact. i never wanted to believe it but ,alas, here it is – laid out before me – like a completed ny times crossword puzzle…i am a comic/graphic novel geekette. while i had been dipping my toes in to see what the hubub was all about over the last 4-5 months, when i finished my first official series back in January- The Sandman by Neil Gaiman – that’s it i was hooked, barb, line and sinker! now there is no going back. i wouldn’t want to. i am raiding my friends graphic novel libraries and hooking myself up at the Deschutes Public Library, which has a surprisingly cohesive graphic novel section (very cool). the “guys” ,the husbands, the friends and the boyfriends chuckle not too silently. a couple have challenged  my new found enthusiasm with piles of comics i need to read.  now, while i am in no way in contention for our little groups “coveted” DORKIE AWARD, i too have to laugh at my new found obsession. sharing makes it all better.



~ by gypsyfirechicklet on March 12, 2008.

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